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Festivals in Hungary embrace the contrasts of the country, from community and religious celebrations dating back centuries to great international musical and cultural events featuring world-famous artists. Budapest is filled with festivals throughout the year.

Budapest International Circus Festival

The Budapest International Circus Festival is held twice a year over a period of five days from the end of January into February. This celebration of circus acts draw performances from all over the world to the capital. Fire-eaters, clowns, dancers, acrobats, jugglers, trapeze artists and more present 30 shows over a five-day event, ending in a gala performance featuring famous talents.

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Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix

In early February the town and motor racing circuit of Mogyoród come alive for the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix race. Car enthusiasts from all over Hungary and Europe fill the hotels in Mogyoród and spill over into Budapest some 12 miles (20 kilometres) away. The streets are crowded with fans of the various drivers.

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Budapest Spring Music Festival

This legendary musical event draws visitors from all over the world to its 200 concerts in March.  World-class artists in opera, classical, jazz, rock and folk perform in great buildings such as the Hungarian State Opera House and the National Gallery, as well as in basilicas, churches and less exalted venues.

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Valley of Magic Festival

This much-loved summer festival kicks off in June and runs through July around Lake Balaton and its little towns of Pula, Kapolcs, Öcs and Monostorapáti. More than 50 venues in Hungary host over 800 individual events of all kinds, attracting local and international visitors to this beautiful setting.

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The Danube Carnival

Multi-cultural, exciting, and full of music, the Danube Carnival takes place in Budapest’s Vörösmarty Square and other venues every June. Professional and amateur contemporary dancers, folk musicians and artists from across Hungary and Europe join in for 10 days of performances, street entertainments, concerts and parties.

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Budapest National Gallop

Lovers of horses and riding will want to be a part of this September event, which is a yearly occurrence over three full days which feature the superb Hungarian stallions. A celebration of the Hussar culture and its military traditions showcase many assorted events which end with the impressive National Horse Race in Hero’s Square, with riders from villages, towns and cities all competing for the big prize.

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Budapest Pálinka (Hungarian Brandy) and Sausage Festival

Foodies will love this event, held every October on Castle Hill.  It features at least 20 different varieties of the famous Hungarian brandy – pálinka. The makers are on-hand to explain their details along with the makers of the enticing Hungarian sausages. Street entertainment, music, dance performances and general merriment are all part of the fun.

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Budapest Christmas Fair and Festival

Despite the cold weather, Budapest is a magic place to be at during Christmas, with carollers, pre-Christmas parties and the largest Christmas Fair in the country held in Vörösmarty Square. Loved equally by locals and visitors alike, gifts, local artwork, paintings, crafts, Christmas decorations, traditional food and drink and mulled wine are in plenty.

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